Our service options:

Request calibration when buying new products

Purchase new products with confidence:
- A certificated calibrated instrument straight out of the box, ready to use
- No hassle or wasted time getting your new instrument calibrated elsewhere and having to raise separate purchase orders
- Select from over 2000 instruments that we can calibrate for dispatch within 3-5 working days
- Calibration option can be selected at product page

Discover the benefits of our calibration Service

Our calibration service works with new equipment to ensure that it is ready-to-use equipment. All our calibration work takes place in a UKAS-accredited laboratory ensuring a fast turnaround and delivery back to you. We will ensures that you maintain your reputation and accreditations. Click here to find out more about our accreditations. 

Trust our specialists:
- Our laboratory is accredited and regularly audited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS)
- We offer two levels of certification
- RSCAL – traceable to national standards
- UKAS accredited – recognised internationally as the industry mark of quality

SYSCAL stands for SYstem CALibration, which means that more than one instrument is calibrated together. E.g. a temperature probe and a measuring instrument.

How RS can help you with your Calibration needs