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    Weller Gas Hot Air Iron, for use with Pyropen Piezo Soldering Tool

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    Product Details

    Weller WP1 Piezo Gas-Powered Pyropen Soldering Iron and Hot Air Soldering Tool.

    From Weller this is the WP1 Piezo Gas-Powered Pyropen, a refillable gas-powered soldering iron, a unique professional, cordless, versatile piece of soldering equipment. Excellent for use when working in the field as this soldering iron is a lightweight, compact soldering iron and ready to use within 30 seconds. The soldering iron is refillable, and we recommend using only the Weller PGR1 butane gas refill, stock number 2161668. The Solder iron has a built-in Piezo ignition, adjustable temperature control, quick and easy off switch, protective cap plus refills within 20 seconds with the gas tank folding approximately and hour of butane gas. The WP1 Pyropen Piezo is a great addition to any soldering kit

    Features and Benefits.

    • Model WP1 Piezo Pyropen soldering iron (hot air tool).

    • Adjustable temperature control (maximum temperature 650°C).

    • Off switch.

    • Butane gas powered (not supplied), quick and easy to re-fill, (Refill available stock number 2161668).

    • Gas levels checked through an in-built viewing glass.

    • Capacity approx. 1 hour.

    • Cordless.

    • Lightweight (139 g approx.).

    • Length 215 mm.

    • Fits comfortably in your hand.

    • Excellent for field work (portable).

    • Ready to use within 30 seconds.

    • Removable top protects the solder tip.

    • Base of the soldering iron is the gas reservoir.

    • Use only Weller Butane refill gas.

    • Piezo Ignition (no spark lighter needed).

    • Totally mobile soldering.

    • Cost effective.

    What is Included?

    • WP1 Piezo Soldering iron / hot air tool.

    • Soldering tip, 1 mm, Straight Conical solder top, stock number 3788667.

    • Hot air tip, de-soldering nozzle, 4.7 mm, stock number 2554644.

    • Protective cap.

    Typical Applications.

    • Field-work.

    • Hot air soldering.

    • Electronics.

    • General soldering.

    Weller Gas Refill Available.

    • PGR1 Butane Gas Refill, 75 ml, stock number 2161668.

    Weller Solder Iron Tips Available.

    RS Stock a wide range of soldering iron tips with over 300 various types of Weller solder tips suitable for various soldering irons and applications.

    • Weller 71 01 50, 1.5 mm Hot air desoldering nozzle, stock number 660999.

    • Weller 71 01 52, 4.9 mm Hot air desoldering nozzle, stock number 661009.

    • Weller 71 01 01, 0.5 mm Straight Conical solder iron tip, stock number 660949.

    • Weller 71 01 02, 3 mm Straight Chisel solder iron tip, stock number 660955.

    • Weller 71 01 04, 5 mm Straight Chisel solder iron tip, stock number 1619942.

    • Weller 71 01 03, 3 mm Straight Hoof solder iron tip, stock number 660961.

    Other Gas-Powered Soldering Irons Available.

    • Weller WP60K, stock number 4315922.

    • Weller WSTA4, stock number 660416.

    • Weller WSTA6, stock number 2432730.

    • Weller WC1, stock number 1921970.

    • Weller WP1, stock number 2503898.

    • Weller Pyropen Peizo Profi Line, stock number 1766870.

    • Weller Pyropen Jr, stock number 2161652.

    • Weller WSTA Pyropen, stock number 2432730.

    Gas - Weller


    Model NumberWP1
    Power TypeGas
    TypeHot Air Iron
    For Use WithPyropen Piezo Soldering Tool