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    Phones & Walkie Talkies

    There are hundreds of high-quality telecommunications products and accessories for you to choose from in our range, ideal for your home and business.

    Whatever technology or device you're searching for, you can access products from industry-leading brands such as Logitech, TomTom, and Motorola, as well as great value items with our high-quality own brand RS PRO.

    What is telecommunication?

    Telecommunication refers to the distribution and exchange of information across significant distances through electronic and electrical methods. This can be done using a range of connected devices, such as phones, landlines, Bluetooth and radios.

    It transfers data quickly and effectively, and can be used to communicate signs, signals, messages, words, images, sounds or information of any nature. It's also ever-changing, meaning that new forms of telecommunications technology are always emerging.

    Telecommunication benefits

    In a connected world, it's important to have access to these technologies, both at home and in the workplace. Here are some of the benefits:

    • Cost saving – Telecommunication technologies help reduce the cost of doing business by cutting down on paper use and breaking down geographical boundaries.
    • Time saving – Tools such as computers and mobile phones allow information to be exchanged more regularly and at high speed.

    Choosing the best telecoms equipment

    • Landlines, industrial phones and headsets – Landlines are ideal if mobile network signal isn't effective in your area. Industrial phones work in the same way, but are designed for harsh environments, while headsets allow for hands-free communication.
    • Mobile phones and Bluetooth – Mobiles are wireless, portable devices used to make phone calls, send texts and access the internet. Bluetooth is wireless technology for exchanging data across short distances.
    • Radios and Walkie Talkies – These handheld devices allow communication between two or more people using radio frequency, and are particularly useful when people are moving around and phone signal is weak.
    • Sat Nav and accessories – These portable devices can be easily installed in vehicles and use GPS to help drivers plan a route and travel with ease to various locations.
    • Video conferencing – This allows users to conduct presentations and have meetings across different locations while still communicating face-to-face.