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    Automotive Connector Terminals

    Automotive connector terminals are standardised wire connectors made to provide a quick and simple connection point for one or more wires together to create robust and functional cable solutions. Different securing methods can be used for specific applications and across different industries. Quick latch connections for terminals that may need frequent maintenance or are often connected and disconnected or screw down terminals for a more long-term and robust application whilst still allowing flexibility in their use and reliability every time.

    Electrical connectors used in applications such as cars, motorcycles and motorhomes have to be durable and reliable as they are most commonly used in parts of a vehicle that are exposed to the elements and excessive wear. Typically, automotive connector terminals are very well sealed against dust ingress and moisture, and usually have a high degree of heat resistance. Due to the excessive vibration of being installed in a vehicle, these connectors will often have secure locking systems built into the plug and socket to prevent unwanted disconnect.

    Termination Types

    Terminal blocks may use a variety of methods to achieve a robust and reliable wire connection.

    Spring clamps

    Spring clamp connections simply use the pressure of a spring to press down and retain the wire in place. Spring clamps are useful in applications using small wire diameters without the need for high strength connections as well as for use in a limited working space where screwing terminals down may be difficult.

    Screw clamps

    Similar to a spring clamp, use pressure to hold a wire in place but can achieve greater clamping pressure with the use of a screw to tighten the clamp over the wire. This method of electrical connection is the most classic and industry-standard termination method. This type can accommodate a very wide range of wire sizes and provides a reliable connection.

    Insulation displacement connections (IDC) are a simple and easy connection method that is achieved by pushing the wire between two sharp pieces of metal, that can break the outer sheathing to allowing a connection to be made without exposing any bare wire.


    Automotive connector terminals come in both pre-insulated and non-insulated forms and are suitable for use in a wide range of both commercial and industrial applications. Whether its connecting a fuse, a battery terminal or even a vehicle sensor, our range of terminals allow for easy often modular applications at a range of voltages both high and low. Terminal kits can be a great way to ensure you have a range of terminal sizes suitable for almost any situation big or small.

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