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    IEC Connectors

    IEC Connectors are used as power couplers for electrical appliances. IEC refers to the set of standards from the International Electrotechnical Commission, ensuring that the power cords for appliances conform to a standardized set of safety requirements for appliances not exceeding a 250 V ac voltage or 16 A rated current.For everything to domestic kitchen equipment to computer hardware in office environments, the IEC connector is available in different sizes and shapes to accommodate the current, temperature and earthing requirements of different appliances.

    IEC Types:

    • C1/C2- Used for small electrical appliances such as electric trimmers or shavers.
    • C5/C6- Known as a cloverleaf, this power connector is used in smaller electrical appliances such as projectors.
    • C7/C8- The figure-eight connector is commonly used in personal stereo systems and some older laptop models.
    • C13/C14- This connector is used for larger electrical appliances, such as kitchen appliances, instrumentation amplifiers and computer hard drives.
    • C15/C16- This connector is often referred to as a kettle lead due to its use in powering electric kettles. They are well suited to this task due to their designation as a ’hot condition’ coupler and having a high-temperature rating
    • C15A/C16A- Is similar to the C15 and C16, but is rated for a higher temperature.
    • C17/C18- Is an unearthed power connector that is used in audio applications when audio quality is a concern.
    • C19/C20- Is a power connector for high current applications, such as uninterruptible power supplies or power distribution units.
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