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    Clamping Levers

    Clamping levers are designed for either manual tightening or to adjust and align machine parts and precision instruments. Within our extensive range, we offer adjustable, flat, heavy-duty, rigid arm and tapered levers, both male (external thread) and female (internal thread), in M4 to M16 thread sizes. RS also offers a range of different types of clamping levers, in different materials such as stainless steel, steel and thermoplastic and lengths of 40 mm to 203 mm.

    Types of Levers

    Clamping Levers are also known as clamping handles and adjustable handles, are easy to use. Lift and rotate the lever around a serrated drive to achieve the required clamping pressure. The male versions have a thread or stud shaft already fixed in place. Clamping levers with plastic handles are for light-duty applications whereas metal handles allow maximum torque to be applied. They have a small footprint and are ideal for use in small spaces.

    Control levers are used for performing adjustment and positioning operations. They have a small footprint and are suitable for applications with limited room to manoeuvre. Lever's arms are used in various machine functions.

    Tension Levers are designed for heavy-duty fixing and clamping applications. Simply pull the lever to disengage, swivel to the clamping position and release to engage. Check that there is enough space so that the grip can be rotated 360°.

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