Looking for oils then you have reached the right place. Here at RS Components, we have sourced the most common oil-based lubricants used for keeping parts and materials well lubricated. It is vital for any equipment to have the correct oil and lubrication to ensure machines are well maintained and working at their optimal performance. Our range of oils are specifically chosen to meet your needs and sourced from leading brands such as; Ambersil, Castrol, CRC, Electrolube, RS PRO, and many more.

Why is oil important?

Oils not only keep machine engine parts working by reducing friction, but are an effective lubricant to prevent water ingress, offer protection from rust, and keep materials like rubber seals well-oiled and free from cracks.

How to choose the right oil?

All machine and serviceable parts will specify the oil properties to function correctly. Our filtering service enables you to select the application and oil type to help you find your solution.

Package types

Oil is available in various packaging forms from aerosols, bottles, buckets, cans, pens, and sprays.


Oils are found in machine maintenance, food industry, chemical plants, automotive servicing

Why should you choose RS Components Oils?

We put customer satisfaction at the forefront of our business, we’ve been established since 1936 and have unrivalled expertise for providing customers with oils. We support engineers all over the world, distributing tools to customers in over 160 countries, who know they can rely on our product quality and superb customer service.

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Description Price Package Size Trade Name Package Type Application
RS Stock No. 899-8602
Mfr. Part No.15611
kr 381,45
370 g Purol Grease Tube Clean Environments, Food Industry, Pharmaceutical
RS Stock No. 489-2645
Mfr. Part No.8150-1-4
kr 121,32
- Edding 8150 Pen Automotive
RS Stock No. 539-3947
Mfr. Part No.V800002
kr 511,62
1 L - Bottle Compressors
RS Stock No. 206-5638
Mfr. Part No.16016
kr 4 297,67
5 L ASO Oil Reinforcement Bottle -
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