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    White Board Accessory Kits

    White board pens are a non-permanent marker for using on a white board. They use an erasable ink that sticks to the writing surface without binding to or being absorbed into it. The pens have a thin tip for easy precision writing.

    White Board Marker Tray

    Marker trays are used to store your pens, white board markers and white board cleaners and erasers. Keeping everything at hand on the trays

    White Board Accessory Kit

    The whiteboard accessory kits contain items that are used with white boards.

    What is included in accessory kits?

    Some items that are included in white board accessory kits are:

    • White board markers available in different colours

    • Pen holder

    • White board cleaner

    • Whiteboard eraser

    • Magnets for holding documents onto magnetic white board

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