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    Ink Pens

    Ink pens are used for making bold and legible notes, drawing diagrams and sketching. There are different ink pen designs to suit a wide range of applications, from simple note taking to complex technical drawing.

    Ballpoint Pen

    Reliable and inexpensive, ballpoint pens can be found in any office or educational environment. Thanks to their unique ink delivery system, ballpoints can be used at any angle to write. Ballpoint pens use quick drying oil based ink which prevents smudging and are leak resistant.

    Fineliner Pen

    Used for graphic design and technical drawing, fine liners make bold and precise ink lines with a fibre or plastic tip. Fineliner pens have long, metal clad tips to improve their performance when used with rulers, slides and templates. Fineliners often used dye-based ink, which offers vibrant and bold colours which, unfortunately, may fade over time if subjected to sunlight

    Technical Pen

    Technical pens are specially designed for technical drawing and fine illustration and are often used by professionals such as engineers and architects to draw blueprints for structures and buildings. Technical pens are designed for precision, with fine nibs making them perfect for drawing crisp, uninterrupted lines on paper. You can choose the nib size to meet the demands of your project, creating everything from intricate detail to bold lines. Disposable technical pens come with a single ink cartridge and are thrown away once empty. Refillable technical pens can be topped-up with ink when they run out.

    Isograph Pens

    Isograph pens are used for high precision technical drawing and are designed to produce faultless lines. The tip of isographic pen is extremely fine and made from chrome plated stainless steel. The ink reservoir of these pens is refillable.

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