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    Capacitors Accessories

    Capacitor accessories are available for the installation and protection of your capacitor. A capacitor is a passive electronic component with two terminals. Capacitors are components used to store an electric charge.

    Types of capacitor accessory

    Capacitor Mounting Clips

    Capacitor mounting clips are clips and brackets of varying diameter and size. They also comprise a number of mounting holes to fix the clip in place.

    Capacitor mounting clips provide stability as the diameter of the clip is matched to the diameter of the capacitor. The clip prevents the capacitor from becoming disconnected as it provides a permanent way of fixing it in place, rather than relying solely on the solder connecting it to the lead wires.

    Capacitor End Caps

    Capacitor end caps fit over capacitors in order to protect them from damage, for example from vibrations, dust and heat. They also protect the capacitor from electrical charges present in other components, or capacitors that may meet it.

    In addition, capacitor end caps will shield you from electric shocks when touching the capacitor.

    Electrolytic Cap Nuts

    Electrolytic cap nuts (or electrolytic capacitor nuts) are additional parts used on electrolytic capacitors. Electrolytic capacitors are often cylindrical in shape with their fixing points on the end of the capacitor. These fixing points are what connect the capacitor to the circuit board or device. Electrolytic cap nuts sit on the capacitor and are primarily round in shape with a preformed nut included at the top of the component. The thread size on the nut is of a standard size and the nut allows the part to be tightened easily.

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