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    Pneumatic Fitting Kits

    Pneumatic systems consist of many parts, such as hoses, tubing, connectors and fittings. Parts may become worn or damaged and require replacing. Pneumatic fittings kits are ideal for keeping various fittings on-hand in case of emergency. The kits can help to reduce down-time if a part breaks. Pneumatic fittings kits contain components which also help with system maintenance and to prevent down-time.

    What are pneumatic fittings kits used for?

    Pneumatic fittings kits contain a variety of adaptors, fittings and accessories which will keep your pneumatic system in good working order and allow you to quickly repair the system in the event of breakdown.

    Types of pneumatic fittings

    Fittings kits may contain the following fittings and accessories:

    • Tube-to-tube fittings
    • Adapters
    • Couplings
    • Elbows
    • Blanking Plugs
    • Studs
    • Reducers
    • Tape

    What is a pneumatic system?

    Pneumatic systems use pressured gas to drive some sort of mechanical motion. The most common gas used in pneumatic technology is dry air. The air must be dry as moisture has different compressive qualities. Pneumatic technology is very similar to hydraulic technology, however the fluid used to drive the motion here is always a liquid.

    Pneumatic systems are operated using a central pneumatic device (such as an air motor or compressor) and utilise manual or automatic solenoid valves to control the airflow around the system.

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