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    Manifold Bases, Sub-Bases & End Bases

    A manifold is a mounting block that allows two or more valves to be mounted together in a pneumatic system. Manifolds enable the distribution of compressed air to power tools and other mechanical devices. RS offer a range of manifold bases, sub-bases and end bases from leading brands including Festo, SMC, Parker, Norgren, Crouzet and Legris.

    How does a manifold work?

    Manifolds are used as a central junction point for a single air supply that is shared amongst all valves. Pneumatic fittings or connectors are screwed into the threaded ports on the manifold. Pneumatic airline or tube is attached to the opposite end of the fitting and then connected to the valve.

    Manifold Types

    Manifolds are available in different pressure ratings, connection port threads and a number of stations. Manifolds are typically base mounted but can also be mounted on DIN Rail. Manifolds can be categorized into two main types, single-piece design or modular block design

    Single piece manifolds

    This is the most common type used in the industry today. Single piece manifold bases are pre-drilled metal blocks constructed from aluminium, steel or cast metals. They have minimal leakage making them ideal for high-pressure applications.

    Modular manifolds

    Modular manifolds are more versatile, as they only hold one valve per base. A system can be easily added to or reduced. This design makes it easy for a mixture of valve sizes to be used.

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