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    Heat Guns

    Heat Guns are handheld tools that use a stream of hot air which is heated by a built-in element at temperatures between 100°C and 550°C. Heavy-duty heat guns operate at hotter temperatures of plus 700°C. Heat Guns allow you to concentrate the heat onto a targeted area or surface and also give you control using the on and off trigger. If you need advice on how to use these tools, you can consult our Heat Guns Guide.

    How A Heat Gun Works

    The heat used by the Heat Gun is produced by a fan built into the back of the gun within the gun which draws air in and then passes the cold air over the heating elements which then creates the required stream of hot air.

    How To Use A Heat Gun

    • Heat Guns should be held at an angle of 45° from the area you target but never hold the stream of heated air in one place for more than a few seconds. This could damage and burn your work surface.
    • When stripping paint from a surface use the Heat Gun to soften the paint until it bubbles and blisters.
    • Remove the Heat Gin from the surface then use a scraping tool to remove the paint from the work surface.

    Uses for Heat Guns

    • Stripping Paint including lead paint (lead paint, use temperatures below 590° minimising vaporisation)
    • Heat Shrink Tubing
    • Shrink Film
    • Shrink Wrap Packaging
    • Wood - helps to dry out damp wood
    • Plastic – assists help in welding, bending and shaping plastic
    • Adhesive softening
    • Thawing frozen pipes
    • Electronics – De-soldering
    • Rework surface-mounted circuit boards
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