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    Soldering Iron Tips

    Most Soldering Irons have interchangeable tips which vary in size and shape dependent on the type of soldering work you are doing. Soldering tips have an angle range from 22° to 90°. Most soldering iron tips are made of a copper core plated with iron. The copper is used for the heat transfer and the iron plate is durable. Copper corrodes easily and can eat away the tip especially in lead free soldering, iron is not. Soldering Tips can be used with various Soldering Irons so when choosing a soldering tip it’s important to ensure it is compatible with the soldering iron. TIP SHAPES:BentChiselConicalKnifeSharpBevelBladeConicalMicro-fineSemi-chiselHoofPyramid tips that have a triangular flat face and Chisel tips with a wide flat face are used for soldering sheet metal.Fine Conical or tapered chisel tips as used for electronics soldering work.TIP CLEANING:When a tip oxidises and burnt flux accumulates solder will no longer wet the tip and stops the heat transfer making it difficult to solder. This is why it is important to clean the soldering tip. Oxidising happens with all types of solder but is more frequent when using a lead free solder especially with electronic work. If you use a wet sponge to wipe the tip it helps to keep the tip clean.

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