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    RF Modules

    An RF module, also commonly referred to as a radio frequency module, is a small electronic device that is used to transmit and receive radio signals between two devices, and is also used in embedded systems to facilitate wireless communication connections. RS offer a varied range of RF modules from several brands across the industry, including Eccel Technology, ON Semiconductor, RF Solutions, Wurth Elektronik, and many more.

    What is the main function of an RF module?

    Radio frequency modules are the biggest facilitator of wireless communication, this is because it does not require a line of sight. This is in contrast to its usual alternative, Infrared, which mostly operates in line of sight mode. It spans between a range of 3 kHz and 300 GHz, with the lower end being applied in applications such as submarines and radio stations whilst the higher spectrum is used in applications such as GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and TV broadcasting. An RF module is typically used with a pair of encoder/decoders. The encoder is used for encoding parallel data for transmitting whilst the reception is decoded by a decoder. Some of the main functions of an RF Module are:

    • Act as a transmitter of signals
    • A solution for detecting radio signals
    • Bridging communication between two devices
    • RF can stretch communication between applications
    • Acts as a receiver module

    The performance of radio frequency applications is dependent on a few factors. Through increasing a transmitter's power, a larger communication range can be attained. This also causes a power drain from the power source which could result in a shorter life span for battery-powered devices. Through the use of higher transmitted power, interference with other radio frequencies can occur.

    Typical applications of an RF module

    • Car alarm systems
    • Remote controls
    • Sensor reporting
    • Automation systems
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