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    Measuring Sets

    Measuring sets are used for the precise measurement of mechanical components, such as rotary bearingsin mechanical engineering and machining.

    Components of measuring sets

    Measuring sets commonly consist of two pieces:

    • Digital calipers: used to measure holes, slots or dimensions of a component. The upper jaws of a digital caliper are used for taking inside measurements such as the diameter of a hole or slot, while the lower jaws are used for measuring outside dimensions such as width, length and diameter. There's also a depth rod which is used for measuring the depth of holes.
    • Electronic micrometers: used to measure the length, diameter or thickness of a component. Measurements can be taken in both metric and imperial units. Some micrometers have a data output connection which allows them to be connected to a computer.

    The benefits of measuring sets

    The digital devices in the above measuring sets display their measurements on an LCD screen. This is beneficial as the reading is instant. It also prevents user error by eliminating the need to interpret the scales.

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