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    RF Power Meters

    An RF (Radio Frequency) power meter is a type of electronic instrument used to measure the power of radio frequency signals in a circuit or system. RF power meters are commonly used in radio communication systems, broadcasting, radar, and other applications that involve the transmission or reception of radio signals.

    An RF power meter typically consists of a sensor, which is designed to detect and measure the power of the RF signal, and a meter or display, which shows the measured power level in watts, dBm, or other units of measurement. The sensor may be based on various technologies, including thermocouples, diodes, or bolometers, depending on the frequency range and power level of the signal being measured.

    RF power meters can be either analogue or digital, and they may offer a range of features, such as frequency measurement, peak power measurement, or average power measurement. Some RF power meters are also equipped with built-in calibration routines or automatic power ranging to ensure accurate and reliable power measurements.

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