Wire Terminals & Splices

From crimp ring terminals to bootlace ferrules and butt splices, we stock a wide range of electrical terminals and splices for use with varying wire types and sizes. Select from high-quality brands including TE Connectivity, Weidmuller and our own brand RS PRO.

What are electrical terminals and splices?

Terminals and splices are types of connector that are used with wires and cables to either join them together or connect to a component to allow the electrical current to be used.

What is the difference between a terminal and a splice?

Splices are used to typically join two conductor ends together without a mechanical connection.

Terminals are used to "terminate" a conductor mechanically by crimping or soldering to a component.

Selecting a terminal

They are available in shapes, materials and mounting types. There are also specific colour codes to them that designate the wire size. When choosing a terminal, here are some points to consider:

  • Receptacle size
  • Wire/cable size
  • Wire type
  • termination method
  • Terminal orientation
  • Insulation type
  • Operating temperature
  • Terminal material