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    Distribution Boards

    A distribution board, distribution panel or panel board is one of the most critical parts of an electricity supply system. The board's primary function is to take the electricity from the main supply and distribute it safely to individual circuits throughout a property. All buildings will have at least one distribution board, which is typically located where the main electrical feed enters the structure. The sizing of a panel board depends entirely on the amount of electricity being supplied and how many individual circuits there are in a system.

    RS have a great selection of high-quality distribution boards suitable for both single and three-phase applications. Our range of panel boards is supplied to you from some of the industry-leading brands including, Schneider Electric, Siemens, ABB, Eaton and Contactum.

    How does a distribution board work?

    A distribution board is the central hub of power where the main cable enters the board and is routed to secondary circuits. Inside the enclosure, you will find the main switch, circuit breakers earth leakage units and bus bars. All of these devices work together to protect the system and linked equipment from hazards caused by short circuits, earth leakage or overload. For more detailed information please see our complete guide to Distribution Boards

    What are the key benefits of using a panel board?

    Safety is one of the main benefits of using a distribution board. Using one ensures that your electrical supply is evenly distributed to each circuit. This, in turn dramatically reduces circuits being overloaded resulting in one circuit shutting down your whole system. Some other advantages are

    • Increases energy efficiency
    • Less electrical short outs and short circuits
    • Reduces the need for extra wiring
    • Saves space on larger circuits
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