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    Ferrite Kits

    A ferrite is a passive component designed to suppress and dissipate high-frequency noise over a wide frequency range, caused by electromagnetic devices. The material is made up of ceramic compounds including iron oxide and one or more metallic elements.

    Ferrite kits are ideal for electronics engineers, design engineers and lab technicians as they contain a range of different types and specifications of ferrites. Supplied in convenient compartmentalized packaging for quick reference and easy identification. RS offer a selection of high-quality kits from leading brands including Wurth Elektronic, KEMET, Fair-Rite and of course RS PRO.

    Why are ferrites important?

    Ferrites are extremely important when designing or working with electronic equipment. They help to protect components and other equipment from damage caused by EMI high-frequency noise. They are often used with power supplies, transformers and other electronic components.

    What are the different types of Ferrite?

    Ferrite Sleeves and Ferrite Cores – Are used on power and control cables on electronic and electrical devices. They are typically installed after a cable has been attached to a device. The ferrite is encased in a hinged housing and snaps together around the cable.

    Ferrite Beads – Have two wire legs and are used on PCB’s. They are soldered into the circuit for protection.

    Solid cores – Are used for looping cables and assemblies through and around when a snap-fit core is not required.

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