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    Air Compressor Hoses

    Air Compressor Hoses work in tandem with Air Compressors supplying air to the tools. Our range includes leading brands such as RS PRO and Welding Star. The air hose are made from high-quality materials, very strong and conform to BS5118.

    Why would choose these Air Hoses?

    Our range offers a choice, made from rubber and come supplied with PCL connectors & ferrules crimped to the hose.

    Compatible Air Compressors

    These air hoses are made to support a high level of pressure and are compatible with domestic and Industrial application compressors.

    Domestic Applications

    • Tyre inflating
    • Sandblasting
    • Air blow gun
    • Paint gun

    Industrial applications

    • Power tools
    • Pneumatic tools
    • Grinding
    • Paint workshops


    View our air compressor hoses to make a considered purchase and consider our range compatible Air Compressors and Air Tool Accessories to complete your kit.

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