Component Shortages

Latest Lead Time News for Electronic Components ** UPDATED **
The supply of electronic components and connectors continues to be very restricted in certain technology groups, with lead times extending further as we progress through the year.

This is especially evident for ceramic capacitors, aluminium electrolytic capacitors, chip resistors, automotive type connectors and highly complex semiconductors and modules. However, it is worth noting that many product groups are now experiencing supply restrictions and the situation is expected to continue into 2022.

This has been caused by a number of now well documented factors, such as port / factory closures due to the global pandemic, recovery from the Suez canal blockage, transportation and packaging issues / price increases, extreme weather conditions, container shortages, factory fires, adverse weather affecting certain production facilities and the ongoing impact to supply chains brought about by COVID-19.

The production base in China is also facing new power restriction issues which is impacting their ability to recover from events these past two years in the wave of this new demand.

Suppliers also relay to us that they are now facing shortages of many critical raw materials required to manufacturer complex assemblies such as minerals, nylon, copper and various rare earth metals.

These factors coupled with significant increases in demand for both consumer and industrial goods following the easing of COVID restrictions, means factory outputs can no longer satisfy the bookings they have obtained and are already working at full capacity in many cases.

RS Components continue to monitor the situation in support of our customers:

  • We continue to work tirelessly with our supply partners to obtain the latest availability information and secure stock where possible for our customers.
  • We are making every effort to ensure the stock and availability information provided by our websites is as accurate as it can be during this volatile period.
  • However, we look to emphasise that any information, including manufacturer delivery dates are as issued to ourselves by the manufacturer.
  • As such, they are subject to change without notification by the manufacturer and must only be used as a guide when placing orders and not for detailed planning purposes.
  • As a temporary measure, we would wish to encourage customers not to place orders where stock is temporarily unavailable, to allow recovery in the supply chain.
  • We would strongly encourage customers to avoid placing duplicate orders with multiple distributors for items not in stock, in the hope of securing part quantities.
  • This can have the effect of constricting the market recovery even further and extending the current situation beyond its natural cycle.
  • We would also encourage customers buying product in the short term to request immediate delivery of ex-stock items in lieu of any scheduling, to ensure stock security.
  • We also recommend customers check their existing schedules with their local contact due to the volatility of the supply situation since these orders were originally placed.
  • Please note we have very healthy stocks of most components which has led to many more customer orders recently as we process new volume enquires.
  • Customers may observe slight disruption as we adapt to this new demand and we ask for you r patience and understanding.
  • Please do check our web site for the very latest stock position and we look forward to supporting you through this extraordinary phase of customer manufacturing and MRO history.

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