Extended Range

Sourcing items across multiple vendors is inefficient and time consuming. Our Extended Range team will help you source a vast number of products not published on our website¹. Consolidating more of your purchasing with RS reduces purchase orders, saves time sourcing and helps you leverage your spend.

How does it work?

- Contact your Customer Service at kunde@rsonline.no or call 64 83 40 00 to check that Extended Range is right for your business¹

- Once you are set up, you can fill out this template with your requirements
- You are also welcome to send an email to quote@rs-components.com with the following information:

    1. Customer Number
    2. Manufacturer
    3. Manufacturer Partnumber (MPN)
    4. Article Description(optional)
    5. Quantity
    6. Link to item (optional) 

- You can also contact our team with your requirements by phone or through your RS contact person

- Using their expertise and relationships with over 2,500 existing key manufacturers, the team provides access to a portfolio of over
  1 million items

- Our team will also let you know if they find an alternative product offering functionality or value for money benefits

Extended Range has been designed to help you:

- Consolidate your suppliers
- Leverage your spend
- Speed up sourcing
- Tighten purchasing controls
- Get all the products you need - not just the ones on our website
- Reduce total cost of ownership

¹ Qualifying criteria and minimum order quantities apply (minimum order value is e.g. kr. 3 500). Orders placed through Extended Range are subject to additional terms and conditions.

eCommerce Solutions

Our solutions help you to create an efficient process whilst providing the information to manage procurement as effectively as possible. Our specialist teams provide full project support for your implementation. With our eCommerce solutions you will be able to gain more control over orders and your spend. This will save time and boost your visibility. Please see below all of our solutions to speed up your order processing:

Punch Out

eProcurement is a vital tool for controlling purchasing costs. Especially if you're handling high transactional volumes and need to standardise your purchase-to-pay process. Integrated into your own eProcurement system, our PunchOut¹ capability provides fast access to our product range and purchase information.

How PunchOut works:

- PunchOut provides a single platform for your users to source from our catalogue, supporting vendor consolidation and improving contract compliance

- Whether you use SAP, Oracle, Ariba or any other eProcurement module, we can configure seamlessly to your requirements

- With PunchOut you can source items directly within the RS website, build a basket of products and return back to your eProcurement system to raise a requisition

- When a basket of products is returned to your system, it's accompanied by the information you need to create a purchase order. Including stock number, pricing, quantities and pack sizes.

¹ Qualifying criteria applies