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Latest high performance MOSFETs

• CoolMOS™ – Optimum
  performance MOSFET for cost
  sensitive applications

• StrongIRFET™ – High current with
  low RDS (on) applications

• DirectFET™ – DC-DC applications
  requiring high power density

• HexFET™ – General purpose
  medium/low power applications.

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PROFET™ smart high-side power switches

• Overload protection

• Current limitation

• Short-circuit protection

• Thermal shutdown

• Overvoltage protection

• Electrostatic discharge (ESD)

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XMC™ microcontrollers

• Low cost 32-Bit power

• ARM® Cortex®-M cores

• High temperature robustness

• Target applications include: power
  conversion, factory and building
  automation, transportation and
  home appliance.

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