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Joule™ Compute Module

• High-performing, thumb-sized

• Ideal for autonomous robotics and
  IoT applications requiring
  computer vision or edge

• Enables rapid prototyping, yet is
  suitable for volume production.

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RealSense SR300 Development Kit

• Features SR300 webcam that
  integrates the SR300 depth camera
  and an audio subsystem

• Short range, coded light imaging
  system to give depth information

• Performs dynamic background
  segmentation, video streaming,
  3D scanning, facial recognition
  and hand gesture control.

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Genuino 101 Development Board

• Learning and development board
  ideal for beginners to electronics
  and programming

• Powered by the Intel® Curie™

• Bluetooth low energy

• On-board 6-axis accelerometer and
  gyroscope, providing exciting
  opportunities for building creative
  projects in the connected world

• Open source real time operating

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