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KEMET Electronics Corporation is a leading global supplier of electronic components. They offer customers the broadest selection of capacitor technologies in the industry, along with an expanding range of electromechanical devices, electromagnetic com​​​patibility solutions and supercapacitors.KEMET is made of innovators, engineers, and scientists. Their mission is to bring the latest in technology through our products.

Their products are suitable for multiple industries - whether you are working on computing applications, the newest Industry 4.0 system, telecommunications, or automotive - KEMET has the right solution.

Featured products

Common, Normal, Dual Mode

Thermal Sensing Switches TRS® & OHD™ Series

  • Quick response times and excellent environmental resistance enable the KEMET thermal switches OHD & TRS to stand out in thermal solutions.
  • High Reliability (Long Product Life Time) - helping your product to stand the test of time
  • No Special Circuit Design Required (Stand-alone Operation) - easy to design in and use

C4AQ DC-Link Capacitor

C4AQ DC-Link Capacitor
  • C4AQ is KEMET's DC-link box capacitor using metallized polypropylene film
  • Suited for industrial, automotive and power supply designs
  • Perfect for DC link, DC filtering and energy storage applications
  • Delivery multiple benefits including self-healing characteristics and low l
  • C4AQ is an AEC-Q200 certified solution for the automotive industry

Operational-Lifetime of C4AQ capacitors can be obtained by calculating the capacitor Hot Spot temperature (THS), the capacitor specifications, and the design application parameters. Then, the life expectancy can be determined from the Life Chart in the C4AQ datasheet.

KC-LINK™ for Fast Switching Applications

KC-LINK™ Capacitors are ideal for fast switching semiconductor applications which utilize DC Link, Snubber, and Resonator Capacitors.


Ferrite Power Inductors

Characterized by low core loss, low DCR and low self heating, the KEMET TPI ferrite core inductors are designed for high efficiency at large currents.

SMD, for High Current

Chokes, Coils & Inductors

KEMET AC Line Filters, also known as coils or chokes or inductors, suppress electromagnetic interference (EMI). Designed with proprietary ferrite cores.

Chokes, Coils, & Inductors

Current Sense Transformer

KEMET's current sensors range from low- or high-alternating current transformers, zero-phase transformers, to direct/pulse current sensors.

AC, DC & Pulse Current
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