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Murata's innovation contributes to the advancement of society and the industry

Murata is a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of advanced electronic materials, leading edge electronic components, and multi-functional, high-density modules. Murata’s technology can be found in a wide range of applications from mobile phones, home appliances, automotive applications, energy management systems and healthcare devices.

Murata has built an integrated system of production, from the development of raw materials, material technology to front end process automation, product design & back end manufacturing incorporating continuous improvement analysis.Murata’s desire is to create new markets and innovations by actively collaborating with outside partners and by developing core technologies and products that anticipate the future for the benefit of all.

Featured products

High Quality & Reliable Microbatteries

Coin Batteries
  • 40+ Years Technology Development and Manufacturing Expertise
  • Acquisition of ISO 9001/14001 Certification
  • Full Automated Assembling Lines with High Productivity
  • High Voltage, High Energy Density
  • Variety of Case Sizes Available

Small and Powerful Lithium Coin Batteries enabling your demanding applications

Murata have released high drain and extended temperature type on small lithium coin batteries line up. This new and unique feature enables longer battery life for demanding application with higher peak current or higher temperature.


Smaller DC-DC Solution for Power Supply Rails of FPGAs

  • Low noise - no need for noise filter, Save cost and test resource
  • Fast transient - fewer external capacitors, Save capacitor cost, Solve the L/T issue
  • Small size - Small footprint saves PCB cost

Gate Drive DC-DC Converters

Ideal for powering 'high sides' and 'low sides' gate drive circuits for IGBTs and Mosfets in bridge circuits.

Isolated Gate Drive DC-DC Converters

High Quality, Low ESR & Impact Resistant Crys

Ideal for consumer applications such as wireless communications, wired communications, microcomputers, HDDs/SSDs, PCs, and healthcare equipment.

SMD type Crystal Units
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