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ITT Cannon and Veam

Ruggedized interconnect solutions for todays harshest environment

ITT’s Cannon and Veam brands are world leaders in the design and manufacture of highly engineered harsh-environment connector and interconnect solutions. We operate on a global basis serving customers in the aerospace and defense, medical, transportation and industrial markets. From ITT’s invention of rack-and-panel and D-Sub to the latest modular, high-density and environmental resistant connectors, our brands have been synonymous with innovation, reliability and quality for over 100 years. Today, we continue to innovate on behalf of thousands of customers worldwide - because amazing things happen when great things connect.


Featured products

High density mini circular

ITT Cannon KP Series - high density miniature connector

  • Available in 10 shells sizes, with 40 layouts ranging from 2 to 61 contacts and sealing up to IP67
  • Secure 3-point locking system and five-way polarization for precise alignment
  • RoHS compliant plating options including Zinc Cobalt (A232), Nickel (A34) and Blue Generation (A240)

Trident Series

  • Cost effective plastic to high performance shielded metal variants
  • Mixed power and signal layouts
  • Shell Styles: cable, PCB, flange, jam nut and panel mount receptacles
  • Interchangeable stamped T2P or machined T3P contacts between series
  • Sealing levels up to IP67 and meet UL 94 V-0 flammability standard

ITT Cannon Trident Connectors

Extremely versatile range of connectors for multiple harsh environment industrial and transportation applications

High Performance D-Sub Connectors

Ideal standard, high density, or mixed power and signal I/O solution for applications that require optimization of space while improving performance.

Hi-Rel D-Subminiatures

DL Series - ZIF Backplane Connectors

High-density, zero-insertion force (ZIF) plastic or metal connector series with up to 408 contacts, EMI/RFI shielding & rapid mating with no sliding force.

DL High density connector

APD Series

Versatile range of full plastic direct, in-line and bulkhead circular connectors that are resistant to engine, transmission and brake fluids.

Circular connector

PowerLock and High Power Connection Units

High current, plastic single pole electrical connectors for single and polyphase poser distribution systems up to 660 amps, IP2X finger protection and key

660 amps power connector
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